The Specter Center Junior Program offers year-round lessons, clinics, and camps for kids aged 5-18. See below the three juniors program pathways we offer for the 2021-2022 squash season and don’t hesitate to reach out to our Squash Director if you have questions about the right program for you.
All of our junior programs are designed with the long-term health, happiness, and success of each athlete in mind. Based on the age and stage of development of the group there will be different technical, tactical, physical, and mental components incorporated into clinics. Sessions are designed to push players towards the edge of their comfort zone and make progress week over week.

*Players will be split into groups with practice partners of a similar age and stage of development as best as possible* We encourage you to email our coaching staff to help place you in a clinic that is right for you!

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The Specter Center will host camps geared towards all different types of junior players that will help accelerate every athlete’s development. Campers will be exposed to great coaches and mentors, be challenged physically and mentally, and be put in competitive environments while still having fun. Camps will be hosted in a variety of formats throughout the year and over breaks.

Squash + Inspire 
Train in the home of Team USA and then watch them compete against each other for the US National title. Camp will run 1-4 pm and there will be matches each evening as members of Team USA compete for the Men’s and Women’s National titles. This camp is best suited for players with some training and competitive experience. Players under 14 must be supervised after camp ends.

Beginner Squash
This camp is aimed at players early on in their squash careers and those who are brand new to the sport, there is no experience required. The day will consist of on court practice, off court and outdoor activities, and fun squash challenges and games.

Beginner/Intermediate Squash
This camp is aimed at players that range from beginners to players with some competitive experience. The day will consist of on court practice, off court and outdoor activities, and fun squash challenges and games.

Complete Squash Training
Great squash players all have a mastery of technical skills, tactical awareness, dynamic movement, physical and mental strength, and they’re fit! Our complete squash training camps are designed for players who want to take their game to the next level by practicing each of the components listed above. Players will gain an understanding of how to train by themselves and in groups to work on building their complete squash game.

A camp just for the girls! All levels welcome. Guest coaches to be announced! Each day will include a technical and tactical practice component, gameplay, and off court training. We will also include fun warm-ups, off-court workouts and activities. Players will be placed into groups based on levels and each group of players will have a plan tailored to their needs based on their age and stage of development.

College Squash Recruiting Prep Week
Guest Coaches: Luke Hammond (Harvard Assistant and Recruiting Coordinator), Joe Raho (Tufts Head Coach)
This is a high performance squash camp featuring skill development work, gameplay, physical and mental training sessions. Learn from coaches how they train in a collegiate environment. The additional benefit to campers will be to have 30 minute daily discussions dedicated to promoting awareness around the college recruiting process, what to expect during it, and how to prepare for it.

Squash and Pre-Season Fitness
This camp is designed to get you ready to sprint into the fall squash season. Camp will include technical and tactical practice sessions and match play each day. Players will also perform tests for their technical skills, fitness, court movement, and strength to get a baseline for the beginning of the season. Coaches will help players develop the skills tested through squash practices and on and off court workouts. Campers will be sent home with match video they can review with their primary coach along with their testing results to help map out a plan for improvement.


Junior Clinic – The Junior Clinic is aimed at players in middle school and high school who have some prior training experience either at the Specter Center or elsewhere. Come work on your game in a fun group environment with coaches that will help build confidence and a love for the game. Within each clinic there will be co-operative drills and games designed to improve technique, tactics, and movement. Clinics will incorporate warm-ups, cool-downs, and exercises to enhance overall athleticism. Players aged 10-16 at a beginner or intermediate skill level. 

Junior High Performance (HP) – HP Clinics are aimed at gold and JCT level junior players looking to develop a more professional, well-rounded game. The technical and tactical principles that will be taught and practiced are designed around replicating what the best players in the world are doing. The HP clinics will also incorporate mental and physical performance training to prepare for tournament play. Please contact our coaching staff if you are interested in joining weekly HP Sessions. Players aged 12-18 at an advanced level with strong training and competitive experience. 

Junior community DROP-IN CLINIC

Open Junior Community Drop-In Clinics are built into our schedule weekly for members and non-members to come out and receive instruction at no cost. No membership required, each participant must fill out the required waivers to participate.

*Specter Center has loaner equipment available for free.

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Private Lessons

We offer 45 minute private and semi-private lessons for members and non-members. Lessons are a great way to be introduced to squash, brush up on your skills, or take your game to the next level. For more information please contact karim.ibrahim@spectercenter.org

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New to Squash?

Think about taking a lesson or attend a Free Lear to Play Clinic to help get solid foundation of the basic technique and tactics. We have racquets, goggles, and shoes that can be borrowed for your session- we also have a fully stocked pro shop and online store if you want to purchase your own.