Junior programs

The Junior Clinic – The Junior Clinic is aimed at players in middle school and high school who have some prior training experience either at the Specter Center or elsewhere. Come work on your game in a fun group environment with coaches that will help build confidence and a love for the game. Within each clinic there will be co-operative drills and games designed to improve technique, tactics, and movement. Clinics will incorporate warm-ups, cool-downs, and exercises to enhance overall athleticism.

The Junior High Performance (HP) Clinics are aimed at gold and JCT level junior players looking to develop a more professional, well-rounded game. The technical and tactical principles that will be taught and practiced are designed around replicating what the best players in the world are doing. The HP clinics will also incorporate mental and physical performance training to prepare for tournament play. Please contact Director of Squash, Chris Sachvie if you are interested in joining weekly HP Sessions.

Future Stars – The Future Stars Junior Clinic is aimed at players 7-11 years old with the goal of instilling a love of squash in these young players. Students will develop basic skills for squash and other sports by working on hand-eye coordination, movement, and general athleticism in a fun and relaxed environment.

Junior Learn to Play – Our Junior Learn to Play sessions are designed for players under 16 who are new to the sport. Come learn what squash is all about with one of our great coaches. We have racquets, goggles, balls, and loaner squash shoes available to use at no cost.

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