Release of Liability and Waiver Agreement

I hereby relieve, release, and forever discharge and agree to indemnify and
hold harmless the Arlen Specter US Squash Center and United States
Squash Racquets Association, Inc. (“US Squash”), their servants, agents
and employees from any and all claims and demands of every kind and
character from injury to my person or damage to property as a result of my
participation at the Arlen Specter US Squash Center in US Squash
accredited programs, tournaments, competitions and events. I agree to
carry primary medical insurance and abide by all US Squash policies
including the Code of Conduct.

I also agree that as a condition of and in consideration of acceptance of
entry in US Squash accredited events, the Arlen Specter US Squash
Center, US Squash and/or the Competition may use or assign photographs,
videos, audios, broadcasts, internet, film, new media or other likenesses of
me participating in the competition for the promotion, coverage or benefit of
the competition, sport, or the association. Those likenesses shall not be
used to advertise a product and they may not be used in such a way as to
jeopardize amateur status. I hereby expressly and irrevocably waive and
release any rights in connection with such use, including any claim to
compensation, invasion of privacy, right of publicity, or to misappropriation.

I have read this Release of Liability and Waiver Agreement, fully understand
its terms, understand that I have given up substantial rights by signing it,
and sign it freely and voluntarily without any inducement.